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Benefitting The Art of Elysium

The Art of Elysium, a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization founded in 1997, encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling various medical conditions.

The talent, creativity and expression of each individual artist, actor, musician and designer is the means with which The Art of Elysium achieves its goal of providing children with opportunities for distraction as well as a creative outlet from the ongoing challenges they face daily due to hospitalization and illness.

Meet the Artists

"24 Hours" - Tim Jones of Truth & Salvage Co. & Mike Brown Featuring Lissie

Written by Mike Brown & Tim Jones. Produced by Mike Brown. Recorded by Al Sgro, Mike Brown and Mike Vizcarra. Mixed by Mike Vizcarra. Tim Jones: Vocals, Lissie: Vocals, Mike Brown: Drums, Bass, Banjo, Keys, Guitars, Bells, Whistles

The Drunkards Progress Publishing (BMI)/Just A Southern Song (ASCAP)
Tim Jones appears courtesy of Megaforce Records. Lissie appears courtesy of Sony/BMG.

"Some of my fondest memories of the decade that I lived in Los Angeles involve the smiles and the laughter and the friendship that generated in and around performing for the Art of Elysium. Not just on the kids faces that we played for, but the real joy that is in the heart of everyone that is a part of AOE and their commitment to bringing a little more light to this beautiful world we've been left to take care of."

"Again" - Nura

Written by Nura Creitz

"It is such a great joy to be of service not only to the amazing musicians but also of the kids who can use the distraction, comfort and the empowering effects music can provide for them in a hospital environment."

"Home Is Not Where I Come From"
- Nico Stai

Written by Nico Stai

"It is such a great joy to be of service not only to the amazing musicians but also of the kids who can use the distraction, comfort and the empowering effects music can provide for them in a hospital environment."

"Hold Me Now" - Jennifer Paskow

Words and Music by Jennifer Paskow. Produced by Michael Bizar.

"Singing for the kids in the hospital is the highlight of my month. I almost always walk away feeling more joyful, inspired and rooted in my purpose. One smile from a child opens my heart and reminds me of the power of music."

"Suitcase Heart" - Jesse Emanuel Macht

Written by Jesse Emanuel Macht and Tyler Lyle.

"Elysium has easily been one of the most fulfilling musical experiences in my life. As much as a I love performing, creating and recording songs, Elysium has allowed me the opportunity to use my music in a fundamentally different way. As a music facilitator teaching the basic crafts of songwriting to a diabetes support group for kids looking for an outlet to communicate their desires and fears, I have felt music touch these kids in a way I can't recreate in any other way I have expressed the craft before. Through the direct interpretation of of these kids interpreting the building blocks of songwriting, and their innate creativity, from point A to point Z of the process, I can see them transform emotionally from merely talking about a subject, to actually writing lines of lyric and melody, and then singing their creations to each other, all within a 2 hour session. These kids transform from the beginning of the session to the end with a vitality and inspiration that blows me away every time. I'm so grateful to be a part of Elysium."

"I Don't Believe" - Rusty de la Croix
featuring the Thad's Church Band

Written by Michael Brott Coulter

"The real beauty in performing with The Art of Elysium is in the transformation that occurs when a child's attention is turned, if only briefly, away from struggle and towards hope. It is in that moment that our lives are changed. Thanks to The Art of Elysium for making that happen."

"By Your Side" - Kim DiVine

Music and lyrics by Kim DiVine. Produced and engineered by Kim DiVine. Mixed by Michael Coulter.

"I am so excited to be a part of such a great organization. It's hard to describe the spectacular feeling I get sharing music with those who need some extra love and care. Seeing them smile and feel that love is all I need to come back and do it again."

"Humeur de Chanson d'Amour"
- Carrie Anne James

Written & Performed by Carrie Anne James

"Volunteering with the Art of Elysium has shown me that music is more powerful than I ever even imagined. It is the ultimate privilege to transport children and their loved ones beyond hospital walls and above long-term illness through music."

"Lovin' Arms" - Vincenzo Thomas Amato

Written by Vincenzo Thomas Amato

"Right by my side" - Nicole Gordon

Written and performed b Nicole Gordon

"It has been a true pleasure to work with The Art of Elysium. I have primarily sung at the bed side of the children but have also done songwriting retreats and concerts and I hope this has been helpful to brighten their day and that of their families who love them!"

"You Are Like A Diamond Shines"
- John Clinebell

Music & Lyrics by John Clinebell (ASCAP)

"It's beyond a privilege to serve a wonderful community: filled with smiling faces and generous hearts. I've gotten as much back as I've given to the kids. They are indescribably shiny stars. What a mutually rewarding experience! Thank you, AoE."

"Under the Tree" -Gayle Day

Written by Galye Day

"Nature's Way" - Paul Lemire

Written by Paul Lemire

"Bringing the simplest acoustic song to a child who is sick in bed I found can make a big difference. Some of the moments I've spent bedside with these kids may have been just as healing for me as I feel it may have been for them. AofE is doing great work and I'll always cherish the times I was able to find my way into the heart of a young person in their time of need."

"Somebody's gonna love you"
- Josh and Dugg

Written by Josh Brodis & Christen Dugger

"Questions In A World Of Blue"
- Seven Saturdays